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      Our Apiaries

We love our bees and do everything in our power to provide them with a natural and organic means of being.  We have two locations in which our bees live with the majority of our hives in Northfield Minnesota located in Rice County and a smaller satellite apiary located in Otter Tail County Minnesota.  Our apiaries sit strategically placed amidst deciduous forests overlooking wildflowers and naturally occurring flora so our bees are provided with varied and diversified sources of nectar and pollen.

Chemicals never enter our hives and we avoid exposure to pesticides.  We selectively harvest meaning we are always leaving enough honey for the bees to make it through the harsh Minnesota winters.  It is our aim to procure the finest pure and naturally occurring hone possible while at the same time providing a healthy and sustainable environment for our bees.
Our Philosophy

We find it paramount that the honeybee be returned to the natural cycles of their existence in order to continue on in a healthy and sustainable fashion.  By keeping our bees stationary in naturally occurring ecosystems and at the same time providing them with the love and attention they require, we believe the honeybee will again thrive.  Our aim is to procure the finest naturally occurring honey possible while at the same time empowering our bees towards a restorative future.
Our Beekeepers

We are a small family business led by Matthew Meyer who takes solace in the bees and finds hope through them that, in a seemingly unbalanced world, it will all continue on and generations to come will be able to stand in awe of nature and the honeybee.  He is accompanied in the Apiaries by his loving wife Christine, their toddler Mattole, and Edmund the English Springer Spaniel who has been stung many times but continues to wag his tail.
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