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      The State of the Honeybee
We are living in a time of crisis when it comes to the honeybee.  As agriculture practices have grown in size the honeybee has been taken along for the ride.  Millions of hives are now being shipped around the country pollinating California almonds one day and Florida citrus the next.  Bees have been over medicated for years to avoid pests and diseases resulting in even stronger pests and diseases.  Bees are dining on mono-cultures compromising their nutrition.  Pesticide use in agricultural has now been embedded into the plants themselves offering the bee a small dose of pesticide each time they pollinate these super crops.  It is a perfect storm coming together and due to many factors the bees immune system has been greatly compromised endangering their existence all together.

The State of Our Honeybee
At Old Soul Honey we like to do things a little differently offering our bees a holistic and organic approach to their care.  By not exposing our bees to the rigors of modern agriculture and instead returning them to the naturally occurring cycle of nature, our honeybees thrive.  Our bees live in one place year round and dine on naturally occurring flora.  We select for winter hardiness and hygienic behavior as we work to develop a bee that is resilient to the Minnesota winters.
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